Our Solution

At Overboard Solutions we provide software and services to ensure that anyone who works at sea can do so safely and productively. Our Vessel Safety solution is a mobile and web application which drives best practices and situational awareness that saves lives. It is cloud based so you have immediate access to the latest data, while also supporting off-line use when out at sea.

Vessel Safety makes it easy to apply the best practices below:

  • Regular inspection of safety equipment
  • Drills & Instruction so the crew knows how to handle potential hazard scenarios
  • Clear sign offs and awareness of safety policy and procedure

At the Dock

As a holistic safety solution, Vessel Safety includes a web application to meet the needs of back office personnel, fleet administrators, or even crew looking to sign off on the latest policies from home.

Users are presented with a simple interface which focuses on their responsibilities. Any changes made on the web are immediately visible on the mobile application (in Online mode), and vice versa.

Safety Resources

Vessel Safety includes a full set of content to help familiarize crew members, new or veteran, with safety best practices. This content includes curated drills and instruction topics created based on years of based on US Coast Guard guidelines, and standard policy/procedure documents.

Vessel Safety drives organization, accountability, and transparency in meeting safety best practices.

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